Monday, April 14, 2014

It's official - I hate ants!

The little stinkers got into the cat food container, freshly filled with cat food for at least 3 weeks. All lost. And we ditched the container as well, it is no good if it does not keep out the ants.
There are times when I am really thankful that the stores here are open on Sundays. We got new cat food and a new ant proof container and now there is ant bait everywhere, homemade, peanutbutter and borax. We always have ants in the house when it gets warmer but this year it is extreme, I think they want to make up for the long Winter. I really try to, if not like, at least respect all living things, but they have gone too far, now the war is on.

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Tracey said...

Here to0 Maria. I got into a bed while working outside around the fig tree and now have bites. Arrgh!