Monday, September 09, 2013


It was a 'working' weekend. Del had to work half a day in Greensboro on Saturday and I cleaned behind the stove. It was not as bad as I had thought, just dust and cobwebs. I had already deep cleaned the stove itself on Friday.

The weather was pleasant but the house is still rather warm. I wish it could retain some of that warmth for Winter. I started a new crochet project to keep my hands busy when Del is around, my other yarn projects are the kind he cannot see until they are finished. It is nothing special, just something to help keep me warm this Winter.

Sunday was spent watching movies and playing with the kitties. I have a strict rule - no housekeeping on Sundays (unless it has been raining all week and I need some laundry done urgently, but that rarely happens). This week I will continue to deep clean the kitchen, I want it finished by Friday.

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karen said...

funny I always do laundry on a Sunday! I might have to adhere to your rule.. I have been internet free on the weekends and I do enjoy the break.