Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Kitten" Birthday

Our adorable little "kittens" turned 2 today and because we don't know when our other three girls were born they got to celebrate their birthday today as well.
Here they are enjoying a special birthday treat. Del had to hold on to Jackie to get him into the picture because he did not want any of the tuna and Miss Brownie decided she would rather not be in the picture.

And here are the blankets I made for them. I also wanted to make some toys but decided to hold off on those until Christmas.


karen said...

happy birthday! I remember when you had them :) seems like yesterday!

MTVA said...

Happy Birthday to all the kitties! How nice for them to have new and pretty quilts to nap on.

Anonymous said...

Maria, I've just come across your page. I hope you and Del are keeping well and enjoying life in North Carolina. It has been years since we last chatted! You might remember me from Sean's website all those years ago?? Anyway, good to be re-aquainted and best wishes to you both (and your lovely cats!). Laura, l.rice5@nuigalway.ie