Monday, June 04, 2012

This and That

In case anybody wondered - I am still here. Not much 'blogworthy' going on at the moment, no crafty things to show either. I am catching up on some projects around the house, cleaning things that don't get cleaned every week and making plans for some renovations.

We are still going to the farmer's market each Saturday, but now we go before breakfast because I am not doing well with crowds that behave like tourists, stand and gawk while all I want to do is get my shopping done. I think the walk way between the stalls is way too narrow and I am getting tired of bumping into people who suddenly stop in the middle of traffic. So we try to get there by 8 am and then come home to a lavish breakfast using some of the goodies we just bought. And I discovered how much better peanuts taste when bought raw and roasted freshly at home.

Miss Elsa got spayed and has not 'spoken' with us ever since. I don't know if she is mad at us for dumping her at the vet's office and leaving her overnight or for keeping her in a cage for 5 days. She is not very friendly at the moment and acts as shy as she did when she first showed up in the garden. I hope she will come around soon.

I am reading a lot, mostly Jan Karon and Rosamunde Pilcher. I read so many educational books lately, it is time for some pure entertainment. I am also enjoying our Hulu+ subscription, revisiting old TV shows and watching movies. My latest knitting project is on hold until I can get more yarn and the garden is doing well. Everything seems to be coming up a bit late because we planted so late and the heavy rains let the weeds and the grass grow like mad.

We had a few really hot days but now it has cooled off a bit and the temperatures are more enjoyable. The cats are doing well, the kittens are bigger than the three adults and really sweet. We will not mention the spilled ice coffee this morning at all. ;-)

Life is rolling along nicely at the moment and I am hoping for a peaceful Summer.


Anonymous said...

What are some of the food items that you make at home rather then buying?
I make taco seasoning and laundry soap but would like to do more.

Tracey said...

Our market has gotten very crowded too. My big problem is a lot of people are bringing their dogs to the market, really not the place for animals!
Hope Miss Elsa gets in a better mood soon.

swanski said...

Glad to see you! I hate crowds as well so I don't blame you for the early morning visit :)