Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday everyone!
This week I show you the beginnings of my ripple blanket and I am also working on a pair of two needle mittens for this year's charity project. I just started reading "Star of the Sea" by Joseph O'Connor. The NY Times calls it a "ripping yarn" and now I am wondering if that book is actually appropriate for a yarn along. :-)
Please ignore the various cat parts in the photos, these days it is hard to take a picture of anything without getting at least bits and pieces of the gang in them.

Joining Ginny at small things.


Tracey said...

I love the blanket and the cat 'parts' :)

Marfa said...

Your blanket is beautiful...I love all the colors...and so funny, my cat is always close by when I'm doing something with yarn!

pinkundine said...

Blanket looks great, and so cute that the cats want to be in the pictures ;)

I'm very amused by the idea of using books described as "ripping yarns" for a yarn along post - but that might be because I initially misread it as "rippling yarn"!

Swanski said...

The blanket reminds me of my youth, my mom made numerous ripple blankets and I remember her working on them. Yours is beautiful!

Ginny said...

I think the cat would like this blanket. Both are lovely!

Ginny said...

I think the cat would like your blanket, it seems to be guarding it closly. Both are very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,
The cat parts make the picture! LOL
What pattern are you using for the blanket? Would you share it with me?

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

I like the cat parts :). The ripple looks great.