Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Musings

Good morning world. I hope the weather is better somewhere else. Here it has been grey and wet and cold all weekend long and it still is. We were out and about on Saturday but stayed in on Sunday.

I took some PDF files to Staples to have them printed since I am out of printer ink and I am neither willing nor able to pay more than $70.- for ink cartridges. While waiting for my printouts I was playing around with the Kindles on display and I was wondering if it would work to get the cheapest one to keep my knitting patterns on rather than printing them out all the time. The cheapest Kindle is $79.-. Maybe I should start saving up.
Once all the medical needs of our little furry ones are met we will start saving up for a new printer anyway. We can get an all-in-one for around $80.- and the ink cartridges for that one are a lot cheaper than the ones for our old model. Isn't it nice how the technology industry forces you to give up your old stuff even if it still works, by making the accessories horribly expensive and thus contributing to the ever growing garbage heap mountain?

Speaking of our furry ones. They are now entering the cat equivalent of the human teenage years and I can just hope that we will all survive that phase. ;-) We already have one prematurely maturing female and it looks like the second one is about ready to go into heat. They are only 4 months old but the vet said it can happen, and of course if something can happen it will happen to us. Miss Precious will be spayed this Wednesday and if Miss Maggie goes the way I think she is going, she will be next. All our wonderful plans for financing the vet visits have gone out the window.

And speaking of money. Postage fees are a joke. I mailed two things I sold on Ebay and Amazon last week and the postage for a book I got $10.- for would have been more than $8.-. It no longer pays to sell anything, I might as well take it to the thrift shop or donate it to the library. We did manage to find a way to send it for less, but still, not much fun.

Other than that I had a pretty good weekend, with good food and some knitting and reading and I even baked a batch of ranger cookies. Today is major cleaning day. Del has this week off and we will try to make the best of it.

Have a wonderful beginning of the week everyone!


Tracey said...

We are having a grey day this morning,but the it's still warm and the gnats are terrible. It just figures, I finally learned my life long dream of knitting, knit all these gifts for Christmas, and it's too warm to use them!

I detest buying ink for the printer! We finally have a place that does reburbished ones so it's a little better.

Have a great cleaning day. Me? I have school.

Swanski said...

I hear you about ink prices! I bought all the "colors" for my printer and boy were they pricey! Good luck with the teenage years-I bet the kittens are fun to watch :)