Monday, January 30, 2012


Monday morning, 8:30 am and I am ready to call it a day. ;-)
We released our little prisoner today and she is making up for the 5 days in the cage, catching up on all the missed running around and getting into trouble. I just hope her stitches can keep up with her.

I dedicated the last week of the month to finishing as many yarn projects as possible and I think I did well. Here they are:

2 scarves, 2 scarf-hat-mittens sets, 1 giant granny square blanket made from last year's yarn leftovers, 2 knitted hats (one of them is Del's birthday gift), 1 cat litter catcher made from cotton yarn leftovers, and my Pimpelliese (which turned out to be more of a scarf than a shawl because of the thin yarn)

I will use the last two days of the month to catch up on some housework and to get a head start on spring cleaning. For some reason our house is covered with a layer of fine white dust and I wonder where it comes from, maybe it has to do with the heavy construction going on in the area. Today I am also going to deep clean the stove - always a favorite thing to do and begin to climb mount ironing (where is all that coming from anyway, how can two people use so many clothes?). I will also take some time to plan a bit what to do next month.

Have a great Monday everyone, see you soon!


Tracey said...

Wow! I love all your finished projects.
Good for you in getting a head start on spring cleaning, I should be so motivated. I find all I want to do is knit which has done a serious number on my house cleaning schedule.

Swanski said...

You have been very very busy! I am glad the prisoner has been released, I bet she missed playing with her siblings.