Monday, January 02, 2012


The first weekend of the new year was nice, quiet and relaxing. It started with a trip to the now almost empty farmer's market. Our favorite farmers are still there, they have a nicely diversified farm and offer an interesting range of goodies. After all the sweet stuff we ate during the holidays it was time to stock up on greens. I got a big bag of kale, a smaller one of spinach and a jar of sorghum molasses (shoo-fly pies in the future).
I tried this recipe for the first time on Saturday and served it with some grilled salmon on the side. It is very good. I will also try this one towards the end of the week.
The rest of the weekend was spent puttering around the house, putting away what little Christmas decorations we had out and just relaxing, knitting, playing games, taking naps and lots of kitten cuddles.

It was also this weekend that we left the living room door open at night for the first time to see how the little ones would spend the night. They are surprisingly quiet. Some of them slept on the bed with us but all of them were really good about not waking us up until morning.
Del has today off so our weekend is not quite over. I will spend some time with my lovely new calendar and some knitting.
Have a great start of the week everyone. See you soon.

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