Monday, October 17, 2011


I had a bit of a mixed weekend. The weather was great but Saturday must have been "drive like an idiot day" around here. We almost got into an accident on the way to the farmer's market when a guy in a pick up swerved into our lane. We doubled up on some items from the market because we will not be going there next weekend, we'll be here instead.

In the afternoon we drove to the Horne Creek Farm for their annual corn shucking frolic and the idiocy on the road continued. I don't think I'll ever want to learn how to drive it is stressful enough sitting in the passenger seat. The event itself had a different feeling to it this year, more commercialized. They charged more for going in which in turn lead people to not buy any food. When we left around 4.30 there was still food to be had, in previous years they were sold out after the lunch rush. There was no quilting going on this year and the path to the cemetery and the creek had been fenced off. We were also handed a sheet with instructions on how to behave on the premises. They must have had some problems to come up with all that. Anyway, the weather was beautiful, we listened to some nice music and ate some old fashioned ice cream. The drive home was pretty much more of the same, it must have been a full sun for people to act so weird. ;-)

Sunday service was great. Several people got baptized and we heard some inspiring testimonials from them. I am really beginning to like this church.


Tracey said...

I detest driving! Usually I just let my husband or one of my son's drive. I agree, there are some crazy people on the road!xx

Swanski said...

I prefer to be a passenger and luckily my husband loves to drive! Perfect combo.