Monday, October 17, 2011


Ugh, Monday again? Where does the time go? I slept like a baby last night - woke up every two hours, not because I was wet or hungry but because I was hot and achy. I don't know what is going on, I am hurting all over, not bad, just enough to be uncomfortable and I felt hot and heavy although the night was rather cool. I love it when I wake up exhausted with a long day ahead of me. Well, I better get going, all that housework does not do itself.
I have not been creative at all in the past few weeks. The most I manage to do is to knit a few rows every day. But I am reading a lot.
Have a wonderful week y'all!


Tracey said...

Maria, I am not a doctor, but I was wondering if you have had your thyroid levels checked? I have Grave's Disease which, simply put, deals with the thryroid gland. Having this along with menopause has just been a joy [not!]. Not sleeping, heavy and ache I understand! xx

Jackie said...

I read every day but I have periods of time that I only read and put down most everything else. If I'm not reading, you can be sure that I'm very sick. The creative piece will come back.