Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Knitting and Reading

Sleep is highly overrated. ;-) I woke up at 1.30 am and was wide awake until around 3 am. And then I was rather rudely awakended by a huge thunderstorm shortly after 5 am. I am getting too old for these wild nights. I hate thunder that shakes the house and lightning so close you can hear it hiss.

Last night we were on another kitten rescue mission. It had rained all day and by afternoon there was some dreadful yowling going on in the bushes. So out I went in pouring rain to see what was the matter. I found two rather wet and bedraggled looking kittens, stuffed them into a box lined with one of the flannel quilts I made for the cats last year and took them to the potting shed. Then I grabbed their mama and put her in with them so she knew where they went. I knew that she had more than two and I was hoping that she would bring them all together by herself. In the early evening we heard more yowling from the bushes and sure enough there was another kitten. He got himself so deep into the vegetation that she must not have been able to get him out by herself. Del got him and while I took him to the shed he was looking for the rest. When I entered the shed I found mama and four babies all nice and dry in their new box and the search was called off. This time we will have her fixed although I have no idea yet where the money for it will come from. After we gave away the last kittens she had disappeared for a while and when she showed up again she was pregnant once more. It seems to be my destiny to take on other people's responsibilities.

Anyway, on to knitting and reading, linking up with Ginny again.
I joined the knitting group at our new church for the first time yesterday and it was very nice. There were only four of us but we did some knitting and some chatting and had a good time. I am working on a simple scarf that will be added to the Christmas bags for the homeless shelter. And I am re-reading "The Pillars of the Earth", now I know why I could not remember anything of the book when I saw the movie. They made an awful lot of changes to the story right from the beginning, which proves again that you should never do a book report based on the movie. ;-) I also did a little Fall inspired baking - pumpkin muffins.


paula, the quilter said...

Do you have some sort of cat rescue or feral cat group in your area? Sometimes they or local vets will have 'fixing' clinics for no to low cost. You should check.

Tracey said...

Maria, check with the animal shelter in your area to see if there are any programs to help with the cost of having the cat spayed. We have a great one here in conjunction with a local vet that has saved me a lot of money.
I'm glad you had fun at your knitting group.

Swanski said...

We are sleepless sisters! I was up from 12:30 until 1:45p.m.....I have no idea why though. So sweet that you rescued the kittens :)