Monday, August 29, 2011


The early forecasts last week had Irene go straight through our area which caused me quite a bit of stress, but she turned westward and all we got was some very interesting clouds and strong winds, no rain at all (which we actually need).
I was a bit apprehensive to go to the farmer's market on Saturday but we went anyway. We just bought peaches, apples, eggs, peppers and onions, no meat this week, we had fish instead.

For lunch on Saturday I made the Tempeh Tacos from "Feeding the Whole Family". That book is on top of my wishlist and once I own it I will cook my way through it. I am using a library copy right now and have to keep it well away from the action when cooking. ;-) The tacos were yummy, I also made the mango salsa from the book.

Since we had some stuff left over I decided to give the salmon for our Sunday lunch a bit of a south of the border twist as well. Wow, I never knew how well guacamole and brown rice go together. It was a very tasty meal, lots of flavors which all harmonized well, the brown rice was just lightly seasoned and bound it all together. Definitely a keeper.

After making my shame UFOs public I spent some time sorting them, pulling materials together and actually finished one of them already. They are at all stages from just in planning to almost finished and they will keep me busy for a while. A lot of them will become gifts for birthdays and Christmas, so off I got to work on some more.

Have a wonderful week everyone. And do pop in now and then to remind me to keep working on those UFOs. ;-) Here is a little cuteness on the way.


Tracey said...

Good for you in starting to finish you ufo's.
We received a little rain from Irene, but now you can't even tell..shame because we really need it.
I love guacamole with brown rice, black beans and green salsa-yum! xx

Swanski said...

Work on those ufos!!!! I love what you made for your meals, yum!! We received a TON of rain from Irene, I wish I could send you some.

The Barefoot Crofter said...

That looks like a delicious plateful. Glad you were safe from the sotrm, but hope you get a few showers - preferably overnight. xx