Saturday, August 13, 2011

Farmer's Market

We got there early today and just as we got there a thunderstorm broke. Yikes, I know we need the water, but could we please get it without the noise? ;) The first fall fruits are showing up (at least they would be fall fruits where I come from, we do have a different growing season), plums, pears, grapes and more apples. And I discovered that it really depends on the presentation and the attitude of the people whether I want to buy from them or not. If I ask if the really huge peaches are juicy ( I have made the experience that they usually are not) I do not expect to get "I don't grow crap" as an answer. Luckily other people sell peaches too.
We bought figs, peaches, apples, eggs, ground beef, potatoes and peppers.

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