Monday, August 08, 2011


Saturday arrived wet and foggy and looked more like November than August. Here are some pictures I took from the car on our way to the farmer's market.

I did not wake up until 8.30 so we got to the market rather late but it was not so bad. The sun came out and burned off most of the humidity. We bought peaches, ground beef, peppers, onions, a large tomato, eggs and fresh figs. The figs did not last long, we ate most of them on Saturday and finished them off on Sunday, they were so good.

It was tax-free shopping weekend in NC so we decided to head out into the wild world of retail. Besides, we had a power outage on our block and the house was getting a bit uncomfortable with no fan on. I have not done any shopping, except for groceries, in a while and looking at the materials, styles and colors of what is sold as women's clothing these days it must have been longer than I thought. I think it is time to dig out those old sewing books and start practicing. Yikes!
I also wish Hobby Lobby would finally decide if they want to be a craft store or a home decor store. Every time I go there I find less and less stuff and higher prices. Very disappointing. We try to shop right here in town and we are forced to go to the next bigger city to find what we are looking for.
The only positive shopping experience I had was in the health food store where I found Dr. Bronner's Lavender Soap. I plan to use it for making laundry soap, the soap I use right now does not exactly smell good and lavender oil is very expensive.

Sunday brought early garden work (before it got too hot), two beds are ready for fall planting, and a breakfast fit for a king.

Followed by lots of resting, knitting, reading, a yummy lunch (hamburgers with farm raised beef and homemade buns) and more resting and watching a favorite TV series from the 90s (Highlander).We planned to go to an outdoor concert but since we had thunderstorms at the time it was supposed to start it had to be moved inside and we decided not to go.

Why are weekends always so short?


Tracey said...

I am finding higher prices and less items at the stores too and am finding it harder to stretch a dollar. How nice it is to get a little rain, but not loose power. We lost power last Saturday night and it didn't take long to get hot, but it wasn't out long enough to start the generator.
You set a beautiful table! xx

Swanski said...

We lost power for one second this morning, and I thought OH NO!! Prices here are climbing although the stores claim "new low price"...