Monday, August 22, 2011


Saturday saw us out and about for most of the day. We went to the farmer's market in the morning and then on to Winston-Salem in search of purse handles. Store #1 and store #2 had handles but not in the style that I needed. Store #3 had handles in the style I needed but in a different material, as I was already hot, cranky and frustrated, I bought them anyway. ;-) I did, however, discover that store #1 has much lower yarn prices than any of the others and a nice selection too. I picked up some wool for a birthday gift and some cotton for Christmas presents. I also got fusible batting and now no longer have an excuse for not starting that purse I wanted to make for so long.
We also did something that we had not done in a long time, we went out to lunch. It was good and did not break the bank either. :-)
And we went to Whole Foods Market for the first time ever! Oh boy, I thought I had died and gone to heaven, what a wonderful store. I found everything I need to try some of the recipes from "Feeding the Whole Family" and then some. I love the combination of locally produced items, organic goods and imported luxuries. I found something I had not seen since we moved here - anchovies paste.
A few months ago I thought we would not be able to ever buy locally and eat seasonally and now I am planning trips to Whole Foods Market. ;-) I find that I am shifting more and more of our food budget towards the "good stuff" and it works, I think they key word here is quality, not quantity and there is more and more we simply no longer buy. I am even able to buy better cat food for my girls.
Here is a picture of the combined goodies from the farmer's market and WFM. We bought peaches, figs, eggs, apples, peppers, onions, grapes, sesame seeds, ground beef, tempeh, aluminum free baking powder, polenta and anchovies paste.

My long term goal is to replace things we eat a lot of with organic products. And discovering WFM also solved the problem of what are we going to eat once the farmer's market slows down for Winter. I already saw some pork chops with our name on them. There is very little pork available at the farmer's market and we do like to have it every now and then.
Sunday lunch was meatballs in tomato sauce (from my own tomatoes) with polenta. I have never made polenta before but we both liked it very much.

And here is a little cuteness for the day. I wonder if she knows what is in the box? Well, of course she does, cats know everything. She is finally getting over her fish allergy and coming back to her normal lively self.

I wish you all a great week, mine is looking to be very, very busy (if I am a good girl and do everything I should be doing).


Tracey said...

I love Whole Foods too and wish there was one in my town. For now I drive an hour and a half to shop at Whole Foods so I don't go often.[Maybe that's a good thing :)]. I heard there is one in NY that is 5 stories.

Swanski said...

I would love a Whole Foods too. You really hit the lottery with all that good for you food!!