Monday, March 07, 2011

New Family Member

Meet our new probationary house cat - MamaCat.

I know, she is not really a new family member, she has been with us since Easter 2009 when she surprised us with four beautiful kittens she had carried up the steps into our mudroom. After the kittens were weaned and gone we had her spayed and I pretty much expected her to take off again, but she stayed with us. I dislike the idea of outside cats very much and always felt uncomfortable. After a while I was able to keep her indoors overnight which made me feel a lot better.
Since this Winter was so cold and wet and nasty I have kept both MamaCat and Brownie in the mudroom/basement since December and both of them seem to be okay with it. MamaCat showed signs of wanting to be inside much rather than outside and so I started to let her come into the house during the day when it was warm enough for Miss Kitty to be in the porch. She is the perfect house cat, potty trained, not destructive, lively, curious and a lot of fun. Last week she decided to aim for an overnighter. So I put her in the living room over night, with her box, some food and a blanket on the sofa and there she stayed, quiet as a mouse all night, I keep the living room door closed anyway, it keeps the house warmer at night and it kept Miss Kitty from exploring the Christmas tree while we slept.
I hope that Miss Kitty will eventually except MamaCat as a permanent guest when she sees that nothing changes for her. She still gets all the treats, cuddles and sunshine she wants. I keep MamaCat out of the porch, that is Miss Kitty's territory. So far, so good, will see how things progress.
MamaCat has not once asked to be let outside, even when she watches the birds on the feeder through the bed room window. She is sweet, easygoing and very adaptable.

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Anonymous said...

She's probably very grateful for your care and kindness...often the strays make the best pets.