Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Knitting and Reading

Time for another yarn along with Ginny. Hop on over to her blog 'small things' to see what everybody else is knitting and reading this week.

I am knitting socks for my husband. And I am reading a devotional for Lent and a book about herbs from the library. I am planning a new herb bed for the garden and want to see if I can grow more than just the usual kitchen herbs. Last week's book has been returned to the library unread. It was not what I was looking for, it focused mainly on economy and politics and I was looking for a book about life on the frontier, not numbers and dates.


Tracey said...

We seem to have the same reading material. I just finished pulling books from the shelf for the same reason as you. Now if I can just get my garden to look like the pictures in the book!

Swanski said...

Love the color of the socks :)