Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Knitting and Reading

Time for another yarn along with Ginny.
I am fighting a weird cold that can not decide where it wants to settle, head or chest. The worst part of it is the headache and the cough. I am doing more reading than knitting at the moment but I always have something on the needles. So for today's yarn along I present you my second dark blue garter stitch shawl. It is simple enough to knit with a cold. The book is one of several on the subject of the American Frontier and the Revolutionary War that I borrowed recently from the library. I noticed that we had lots of books about the Civil War but none about the earlier history of the US, so I am reading up on that. I finished "The River Midnight" yesterday and I liked it a lot.


Swanski said...

I hope your cold goes far far away. Your garter stitch shawl is a lovely shade of blue :D

Mary G said...

hurry and finish the shawl and then wrap your cold-laden body with it! I love the color ... which yarn?