Saturday, February 07, 2009

Stuff Happens

When I got up yesterday the house felt a little colder than usual so I went to turn up the heat a little and noticed that the thermometer said 60 and the thermostat was set to 62, not good. I turned it up higher and nothing happened. Our furnace has stopped working - again. This time it was an electrical problem. 2 hours and $ 350,- later it was up and running again. I am glad we had the money even if it means that our emergency fund is now exhausted.
Del took the day off and we got all our grocery shopping done and treated ourselves to a lunch out.

On a brighter note, I finished clue #4 for the knitalong project. The rows are getting very long and I timed myself while knitting. It takes me 20 minutes to finish a pattern row and 10 minutes for the back row which is just purled.

And here is what I plan to cook in the coming week:

Chicken with white beans and olives
Pasta with bacon and tomatoes
Pizza with tuna, onion and olives
Cabbage soup with homemade bread

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paula, the quilter said...

We are having furnace problems too. Unfortunately, it only happens in the early morning (think about 4:30am). We have had two different companies come out, we have switched out the programmable thermostat twice. The last guy thinks it could be this electronic part on the motherboard (yes we are talking furnace not computer). $600.00 for the part. Ouch! But. We still have not got the furnace guy to hear the problem: lots of banging and such in the early a.m. Of course, today it worked fine.