Saturday, February 28, 2009

Monthly Goals - February 2009 - How Did I Do?

First I was sick for almost a week, then Del got sick and I got into some kind of February Blahs and did not do much of anything.

Around the house:
Clean all woodwork (window frames, doors and door frames, base boards, there is an awful lot of it in this house, I plan on doing one room per week) - still working on it
Deep clean the fridge - Done! It was not bad at all, nothing growing anywhere. :)
Grow herbs on the kitchen window - Done, just starting to grow.

Crafty stuff:

Finish one UFO - nope
Make a few blocks for my Civil War Diary Quilt - not in the mood
Make something for Valentine's Day - Did that. Results can be seen here.

Books to read:
Dragonfly in Amber (continue) - I am on page 368.
Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World
On to Oregon
I did not get to read the other books, I was either too busy or too sick.


Keep my daily quiet time
Do a Bible study
Let's not even go there.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, don't be to hard on yourself. We all had the stomach flu and it took about 1-2 weeks to feel like ourselves, and there is always March!!! Ha!Ha!