Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Day in My Life - February 14, 2009

So this is the last time for a day in my life, we have done it for a full year now and it was fun. Thank you, Jenny for the idea.

Here are some glimpses of my day. We got up at 8 am, had whole wheat cinnamon pancakes with bananas and homemade orange flavored syrup for breakfast.

After breakfast we spent some time messing around on the computer. I soaked some broccoli and radish seeds for sprouting.

Then we headed out into the garden to take advantage of the beautiful weather. We cleaned out the carport and I took a few pictures of budding plants, supervised as usual by the little brown cat, barked at by the neighbor's (really dumb) dogs and watched by Miss Kitty from her favorite sunny spot in the porch.

camellia buds

There is nothing more romantic than spending Valentine's Day doing some dirty work together. :) I also got a little not so sweet indulgence for the occasion.

We had hot and spicy shrimp skewers with sweet and sour sauce and brown rice for lunch, canned pears with chocolate pudding and store bought cookies for dessert. After battling that nasty bug all week I did not really feel like baking anything.

After lunch we watched the NASCAR race on TV and I finished clue #5 for my knitalong project.

Now Del is washing dishes which means a lot more to me than a dozen dead roses would have. I am so thankful that Del never bought into all that stuff surrounding Valentine's Day.
Later we will have some nibbles and share a bottle of sparkling cider.
A nice relaxing day, perfect for a weekend.

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