Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Day in My Life - December 14, 2008

Another month has gone by and once again it is time for a day in my life, hosted by Little Jenny Wren.
Sunday - always a little different than the rest of the week. We got up around 7 am and I fed the outside cats. This little fellow has recently taken to sleeping in our basement. He usually allows us to lock him in for the night and he is as quiet as a mouse. He is very friendly and let me pet him. If the little brown cat gets into the basement, we can hear it, she must be jumping on the heating vents, it sounds like the house is falling apart. I have opened my basement for the cats and also the potting shed part of the big garden shed because it is so cold. There is a big box with a rug in the carport and one in the shed. At the moment we are feeding up to 10 cats, people must be kicking them out because they can't afford to feed them, at least two of them look like a fancy breed and all but one look pretty well fed and cared for. Oh well, as long as we can afford it, we will provide them with food and shelter and hope for warmer weather. I just love cats and I wish I could do more for them.

I made "fruitcake" muffins and eggs for breakfast. I had an unused fruitcake mix (candied peel and fruit) in the pantry and decided to use it this way. We lit the advent candles and left them burning during breakfast.

After breakfast, showers, etc. we went to church. I got to talking with a lady who is a kindred spirit when it comes to cats, she feeds 30 of them in her garden. We came home around 12.30 pm and made mushroom fajitas for lunch.

After lunch we settled down to watch some videos and I finished knitting a scarf that one of Del's coworkers had ordered.

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