Friday, June 29, 2007


Somebody broke into our self-storage unit and stole most of my Nascar diecasts. We have no idea when it happened and at the moment we don't even know what else might be missing. Del went to the storage to get the three boxes with my cars because I wanted to put something away and also to repack them. He called to tell me that the padlock was missing and that he can find only two boxes. I guess the two he found were not interesting since one only has empty boxes in it and the other one had empty boxes on top. I am sad, I never wanted to put the cars into storage but there just was not enough room for them in the apartment. And although my interest in Nascar has greatly declined I never wanted to get rid of the cars. It is kind of ironic though, all our stuff made the move from Europe to the US perfectly safe only to get stolen by some creep here. I wish them no luck in whatever they do with my stuff. I will probably sell the remaining cars since I can't afford to replace the stolen ones and I don't like collections with missing pieces. I lost at least 5 Dale jr. cars in 1:24 and a number of others and most of the 1:64 cars. I am fed up and upset.
On the other hand I am thankful they only broke into the storage place and not into the house and that nobody got hurt.

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Granny Fran said...

It just makes me so mad that these creeps think that they can just take whatever they want from people who worked to get their own belongings. Thank God they didn't break into your home. I'd just like to see someone catch them, take off their diapers and spank them thoroghly.