Friday, June 08, 2007

More Bags

Last Saturday I tried a new bag pattern but it did not work out. It is a mesh bag, but the mesh is so soft, that the bag gets really long and ugly if you carry anything heavy in it. So I made one of "my" bags with the denim blue cotton yarn instead. Then I found another pattern which was just too cute not to try and it worked out nicely. :)

My favorite crafts store has my favorite cotton yarn on sale, I think I might need some more of it.
Tomorrow, after our weekly visit to the Farmer's Market, we plan to drive to Spencer for a day at the NC Transportation Museum.

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Melanie Rimmer said...

Yeah, I've had that same problem with knitted bags. I've crocheted bags out of cheap white string, and that worked well because the string itself is not stretchy, but you also need the right kind of pattern. Apart from that I like felted bags. They don't stretch the same way a knit bag does.