Friday, June 29, 2007

Theft - Update

Well, we went and checked our stuff tonight and it appears that they also took one box with stuff for Del's model railroad and the box with my singing penguins, which also had a singing snowman/dog thing that Del got for Christmas. Also missing are the two tin buckets I used for my outdoor Christmas decoration and two wooden stools.
The management of the storage place told us to report the theft to the police, we will call tomorrow to find out what we can do. I try not to be too upset, but I am not very successful at that. :(


The Carolina Quilter said...

I'm so sorry your storage unit was broken into. That makes you feel so violated and indignant. I can't understand useless people who steal from others in any way. I do love your pretty potholders, however! As you say, glad it wasn't your home and no one was injured.

Dale Anne said...

Sorry to hear your storage unit was broken into........I'd be checking ebay for those items as you can see where they are from. So, if its local - then you can get the police to look it those people for you.