Monday, May 02, 2016

While I was away ...

... I turned our unused front room into 'my room'. One area for sewing and cutting and one for stitching, knitting and napping (as needed). The bins hold my yarn and fabric stash and I am looking forward to spending many a happy and productive hour in there. The room faces north so it is not getting too hot in Summer but it also means it is a little dark. I am getting a new work light today since my old one called it quits a while ago. There is also a wardrobe that holds all my clothes and an exercise thingy and I am sharing one corner with the laundry hamper. The cats seem to like it too.


Tracey ~ Clover said...

Very nice Maria and I know you are enjoying 'your' room.
I have a studio that I converted when one of my son's left home which I love. It's nice
to have everything all in one place and it's all mine ;)

sigisart said...

Liebe Maria,
gute Idee ungenutzten Raum zu "besetzen". viel Freude in deinem neuen Reich.
Alles Liebe