Saturday, May 30, 2015

Around the Garden

What a difference a week makes! The zucchinis have finally decided to make an appearance, at least some of them, I have a suspicion that the birds dug up some of the seeds and ate them. The ones that are growing are not exactly in the same place where I planted them either.

The tomatoes are doing really well this year, I spied some tiny little ones already. The first jalapeno is also growing.

Carrots and lettuce.

The herb garden.

The experimental 'mixed bag bed'.

Things are looking up. Except for the flowers I planted. The squirrels have decided that the spot under the lilac is the perfect place for a sand bath, so instead of flowers growing I have a big hole there. They sure are lucky that I like furry things, as is the neighborhood cat that dug into the sunflower bed, not too many survived that treatment.

My creative juices seem to have dried up a bit this week, so no new socks, but I did read 6 books.

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