Saturday, May 23, 2015

Around the Garden

My garden is giving me a mix of joy and grief this year. Some things are just not growing, by now the summer squash should be ready to take over the world. I got one measly plant out of 12 hills I planted. The carrots and lettuce in one bed are growing, the radishes and the lettuce in another one not so much. And the spinach came up and stopped growing all together. Not even the beans and cucumbers are making an effort this year. The tomato and pepper plants are doing very well and my herb garden is my pride and joy. We bought one of those big bag beds this year to see how they work out and everything in it is growing well. I think next year we are going to replace the doggie pools with the bag beds, looks like doggie pools work in NY but not so much in NC. How am I going to make it through the Summer without zucchinis?

One thing that grows really well this year are socks. I seem to find a new pair of them in the garden every week.

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