Thursday, February 05, 2015

Cookbook Purge

As part of my spring cleaning I purged and sorted my cookbooks. I looked through most of them to see if there is anything in them I might actually be cooking and I found two books with really nice recipes. I kept seasonal and international cookbooks, some for reference and some I just can't part with.
I also rearranged the bookshelves and now the smaller books are in the dining room, the big ones on the shelf in the back hallway and those I use a lot are on a shelf in the pantry. And a big laundry basket full of books is waiting to wander over to the library.




Sue G Johnson said...

You did a great job on sorting your cookbooks. We need to purge occasionally to make way for new purchases! ;)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I cleared out my cookbooks over the summer, one of the hardest bookcases for me to cull, but most of the books I didn't use so now there is only two shelves.
We have several of the same books :)

karen said...

I'm due for a cookbook cleanout soon. I've got too many on the shelves that I do not use. Great job!