Monday, May 05, 2014


What did I do on the weekend? Well, I ...

... bought a yoga mat and more yarn for my Maybelle blanket.
... added some herbs and a Japanese Eggplant to the garden.
... discovered the first roses.
... found out that some critter ate all the strawberries that were just about ready.
... baked bread, made granola and cooked meat balls for Sunday lunch.
... enjoyed the sunny days and cool nights.
... slept a little better than I did all week.
... made more squares for my Gretchen blanket, I am totally in love with these colors.

And not to be too self centered: Del cleaned out the porch (big project) and helped me spread more pine needles around the azaleas and roses. And we both watched movies and enjoyed the rest of the oatmeal cake and plenty of coffee.

It was another good weekend.


karen said...

love your squares and the colors! Yoga mat! go you :)

Tracey said...

I am totally in love with your blanket squares too, the colors are perfect.

I'm sorry about your strawberries. Rabbits? I moved my kale this year since the rabbits and deer think I just plant it for them. Now I have kale planted in a huge wash tub that is in the corner of my herb bed, I hope this works.