Thursday, May 01, 2014

Happy First Day of May!

April was a strange month for me, the weather not knowing what it wanted to do, allergies flaring up and feeling unmotivated most of the time. But, spring cleaning is finished, the garden is planted and a new month begins.

In May I hope to

- sew drapes for the bed room
- make a heart
- work on my two blankets
- finish the second kitchen curtain and get them hung
- stitch the next animal in the advent cross stitch animal series
- start a new quilt
- knit a new pair of socks
- start exercises to help with my hip pain
- get into some gentle yoga
- watch my garden grow
- read a lot
- gently ease my cooking into warm weather mode

I will take it easy and be nice to myself and those around me.


Tracey ~ Clover said...

Happy May Day! I love you list and hope this month is a great one.

karen said...

happy first of may a day late, I've started yoga almost two months ago and boy do I love how I feel! Great list!