Monday, July 15, 2013


Have you ever done a 'MY-YN' project? A friend's daughter fell in love with this yarn and because she does not knit she asked if somebody would be willing to do a 'my-yn - my yarn - your needles' with her and I decided that it sounded like fun. The yarn is 100 % cashmere and is lovely to work with, the pattern is the Rick-Rack-Scarf by Purl Soho, much easier to do than it looked at first. I am almost finished with it and as soon as it comes off the needles I am going to start a brand new Summer sewing project. Stay tuned.

In other news: The weather forecast calls for a heat index of 100 this week so I am going to take it easy, no baking, no housework, cold dinners and a mandatory nap for myself and the furry ones (as if they need to be told to take a nap). Did I mention that our A/C is not working?

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