Monday, July 25, 2011


Our weekend included a trip to the farmer's market, a lot of trying to stay cool, fresh watermelon, homemade ginger ale, yummy food, re-watching a favorite TV series on tape and plenty of rest.

My weekend included a lot of un-knitting and re-knitting. Remember that yellow/orange/brown shawl I  started last week? Well, when I got to the lace edging it turned out that somewhere along the line I must have made a mistake and so I ended up with a different number of stitches before and after the middle stitch. A visual search of where the mistake might have happened did not yield anything so I frogged it all and started over. Luckily the slightly fuzzy yarn was cooperative and did not snag too much. Now I am doing security counts every few rows just to be sure. ;)


Tracey said...

I detest frogging, but sometimes it's necessary. What tv show did you watch?xx

Swanski said...

So sorry that you had to rip out your knitting! I hope it is better the second time around.