Thursday, July 07, 2011

Around the Garden

Three thunderstorms in a row left my garden looking a little discouraged, I hope it will bounce back. I picked the last of the carrots today (note to self: plant more carrots next year!) and I also found another one of those zucchinis that hide until they are huge. Looks like more zucchini curry. The roma tomatoes are suffering from blossom end rot and the whole tomato patch looks a bit sad and yellow. Other people in the area have the same problem so I guess it is the weather. I always have a few tomatoes with that problem but this year all four roma plants are affected. I am already planning the fall garden and have ordered some seeds in addition to the ones I still have. Here are this morning's pictures.


Swanski said...

Your carrots look super delicious! I would love to walk around your garden :)

Tracey said...

We lost our tomatoes a few years ago to blossom rot. Such a bummer! Here is an article that may help.xx