Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Long Weekend

Rain, food and a bit of gardening.

Sunflowers (this year in a different location, used liquid fence to keep the cats from sleeping on them and it seems to have worked, much better than last year).

Lavender (and bumble bees)

The first pepper.

Roses (did not have as many as in previous years, we cut the bush back a little and one part of it had died).

My first hollyhock (I loved them when I was a kid, planted some last year a little too late in the season, this year they are growing).

Homemade vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate-orange brownies.

Grilled shrimp with salsa, sour cream and mandarin oranges on tostadas.

Lettuce from the garden (almost 1 lb).

Del has his pre-op appointment tomorrow and my stress level is off the charts today. I think I go and get myself some yarn therapy. I do so wish we were on the other side of all this already.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,
I'll keep Del in my thoughts. I hope all goes well and smoothly.