Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cats, Cats and more Cats

I love cats and when we moved into this house a whole bunch of cats soon showed up in our garden. They know a cat person when they see one I guess. These cats are technically nor ours, with the exception of MamaCat who adopted us last Spring when she brought us her kittens, but the eat at our house, sleep in our basement when it is cold or in the potting shed and the carport and they like to hang out in our garden and over time we started to give them names. Yesterday and today I was able to catch most of them in pictures while I was hanging laundry. So, here is the parade of cats.

These are the friendliest ones, they get along with each other and allow us to pet them.

MamaCat (I guess she is our cat now although she is not allowed into the house because Miss Kitty is too old to have to fight for her home).

Brownie (who has been here the longest). She is very independent and comes and goes as it pleases her but is always friendly when she is here and she won't touch canned food.

Floyd (I started calling him Pretty Boy, then Del added Floyd as in Pretty Boy Floyd, the gangster and we dropped the rest). Beautiful blue eyes and the softest fur. Hard to take decent pictures of because he is always either weaving through my legs or curling himself around my ankles which makes hanging laundry difficult, usually I lock him into the mudroom, just to be safe, don't want to find out what he does if I step on him.

Speedy (he is really fast, one evening he sneaked into the kitchen when Del came home and made a beeline for Miss K.'s food bowl). He has lovely soft fur and is very loving.

These two are the bad boys of the bunch, Scarface (the daddy of MamaCat's kittens - and probably all other kittens in the area as well, he is the yellow guy) and Frankie (old blue eyes, although at first I called him Frankencat because he looks like he was put together from parts of different cats, yes I know, he is a siamese, I am sorry. ;-) ). He is becoming a bit of a terror lately, he tries to establish himself as dominant male and beats up everything in sight and even hisses at me. I think I have to take a broom to his backside if he does not stop it.

These two are the dine and dash types. The yellow guy is Blinkie (seems like he has a problem with his eyes or his face just looks naturally puffy) and the other one has no name since I have not yet found out whether it is female or possibly a neutered male, it just does not lift its tail for me. ;) Usually I just call it the big black and white cat. It is friendly but I don't trust it too far one day it dug some claws into my hand.

There are two others who only come occasionally, one is the cat from a neighbor's house down the road, a big tabby with white, gender unknown, and the other one is still a bit shy, she is also a tortoise shell and looks similar to Brownie but with a light spot over one eye. The big grey tom that used to come around has not been here for a while or I have not seen him.

And this is what I have to deal with while hanging laundry. ;)

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Jenny in Belgium said...

What a lovely selection of cats Maria, I have three myself, one female who adopted us as well when she was pregnant. We kept one of the kittens and then my father's cat who was only 8 months old when my mum died and my dad moved in with us. Don't you just love their little personalities?