Saturday, January 02, 2010


It is now lunchtime and it has warmed up a whole three degrees from this morning to a whooping 25. Yuck! The sun still has some power but there is a cold wind blowing and the wind chill is supposed to get us down to 3 degrees tonight. Time to round up the neighborhood cats and lock them in for the night. The ones that get along with each other well are already inside anyway. They stay in the basement, complete with cat box, food and water. The lay on the heating ducts and stay nice and warm.
We are taking the Christmas tree down today. Since I had decorated so little I did not feel as much of an urgency towards getting the house back in order like I did last year. Most of what is out now will actually stay for Winter decoration anyway, only the tree, the garland, my little angel and the nativity get put away.

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Jackie said...

It's 45 here tonight and I'm freezing! I can't imagine temps at near zero!