Wednesday, May 06, 2009

This and That

We had some really heavy rains these past few days and my azaleas and roses took a bad beating. The roses will probably recover but the azaleas were at the end of their peak anyway.

Del just brought mama cat home from the clinic. She is doing fine and is as loving as ever. The note they gave him says that she is in heat and should be kept away from male cats for 2 weeks. Great, and just how am I going to do that? All the other cats in the area are male and none are fixed. It is mainly for her protection so she does not get harassed by them. I really love cats but by now I wish the big yellow tom would find other stomping grounds. For the next few days she will have to stay in the mudroom anyway but I have no idea how long she will tolerate it. The little brown cat is currently in the basement because she did not want to go out and she and mama cat don't get along. Looks like there are interesting times ahead. ;) Oh, and Miss Kitty is in a big huff because of the lousy weather. I swear this cat runs on sunshine like a car runs on fuel.

I am knitting all kinds of things and when I look around the house it reminds me of that commercial where the woman knits like crazy because it keeps her from thinking about all the things she can't eat on her diet. Knitting really is addicting. ;) I finally found some buttons for my garter yoke cardigan and once they arrive that will get finished.

I also re-organized my closet and sorted out a lot of stuff for the VVA and the thrift shop. I have finally decided that if I have not worn it before or in a long time chances are I will never wear it at all. So, off it goes.

On a completely different note, I am frantically searching for the instructions for my MP3 player. I have not used it in ages and I can't remember how it works. So far I found a lot of stuff I did not even know I still had, but not what I am looking for.

Edited shortly after posting:
Would you believe that? The instructions for the MP3 player were in the big binder with all the instructions for appliances etc. Gee, who would think about that. :)

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Jackie said...

It's always nice to find out that you're more organized than you thought! I'm just amazed you actually found the instruction book - I can NEVER seem to do that!

Love the sweater! I haven't knit a sweater for myself as yet but I'm thinking I will this fall!