Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy Days

It finally stopped raining long enough for me to get caught up with all the laundry. What used to be a mountain of stuff that needed washing is now a mountain of stuff that needs ironing. ;) I think it rained too much, the neighbor two houses down is building an ark in his garden, or maybe it is just a new storage shed. :)
We spent a lot of time in the garden last weekend, covering the beds with straw to keep the weeds and grass down, so far it works. We also put up the trellis for the beans and peas. These smart little plants are already reaching out for it, amazing. Everything is growing nicely except my tomato seedlings, they did not survive the rain. So we went and bought some at the garden center. I am now the proud owner of 20 tomato plants of different kinds. I also bought two more pepper plants. Next year I am not going to try and grow seedlings at all and buy them at the garden center to begin with.
We also made a trip to our local mall to look for new sheets. It is rather depressing in there, more than half of the stores are closed, even some of the restaurants are no longer there. I managed to find one sheet on sale, the color is not perfect but it will do for now. We plan a trip to Ikea during the first week of June and I hope to find some more there. It is not easy to find single fitted sheets that are 100 % cotton. I am still making my bed the Austrian way and don't need sheet sets. We also dropped some stuff off at the thrift store.
The little mama cat is doing well and still hanging around. She is defending "her house" against all other cats and there are at least three tom cats around who wish to make her acquaintance. She keeps them in line as well, it is fun to watch.
I decided not to paint the little shelf white since all the shelves in the pantry are wood colored, it will fit in just nicely the way it is.
In between gardening, laundry and the daily chores I managed to make some progress on my cotton sweater and to knit a baby blanket from some yarn I had left over from other projects.
Today it is rainy again so I am going to start working on that mountain, but first I am going to have a cup of coffee and a freshly baked scone.
Wishing you all a terrific weekend.

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Barbara said...

Finding single sheets in Australia
is a problem as well (I make
our bed the Scandinavian way!) -
good luck. Love the kitten
pictures, by the way.