Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In the Garden

Taking advantage of the nice weather we had on Saturday we got some work done around the garden. All 6 raised beds are now built and in place. Next we have to turn the ground underneath them and get them filled with soil.

I weeded around the rather scraggy looking azaleas and put down some wood chips to keep the moisture in and the weeds out. The border is made from old bricks I found in the carport. If the bushed don't bloom this year they will be replaced with a permanent herb bed.

I also made a bird bath (although I am afraid some of our furry visitors might consider it a cat feeder - I found a bunch of feathers in the garden again) from old flower pots that had been laying around, glued together with construction glue. The birdies seem to enjoy it, I saw them skating and playing hockey on it yesterday morning (rather strong night frost). ;-)

The lilac bush has some promising buds and I hope none of the frosty nights will do any damage to it.

And this is a very early birthday present for me.

My actual birthday is in August and it is a tad too hot to sit in the garden then (at least for us non-southerners) so I got it now to enjoy spring and watch my veggies grow. Here they are:

This is the cat that is getting a bit too comfortable in our garden, much to Miss K.'s dismay - and mine after I saw her using my garden as kitty potty and she actually hissed at me twice. I am getting liquid fence this weekend to keep the cats away from the beds. It is okay for them to eat in the carport or sleep in the shed, but that is as far as they can go in the future.

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