Friday, March 14, 2008

A Day in My Life - March 14, 2008

Jenny started a special project and I decided to join her (and a few other bloggers). Every 14th of the month we will be doing a post about our day with all the little things we do (or don't do). So, here it goes:

Friday, March 14, 2008, a day in my life:

6 - 7 am
Got up, fed her Highness, Miss K., fixed and packed lunch for Del (ham-cheese-lettuce wrap, green pepper, cucumber slices, baby carrots, homemade coconut-lemon cupcake, homemade yogurt with steamed apples and raisins, apple, banana, peanuts). Made breakfast (coffee, orange juice, cereal for Del, homemade bread with butter and jam for me). After breakfast we moved the seedling tray into the enclosed porch for the day.

7 - 11 am
Del left for work. Got dressed, took out garbage and put out food for our feline visitors. Fed ginger beer plant and rinsed sprouts (radish and broccoli). Checked emails, read favorite blogs, uploaded new photos to my online album, updated my blog. Checked supermarket specials, wrote down some possible meals for next week (I don't do a fixed a menu, just jot down some ideas and make sure I have the ingredients for them), wrote shopping list. Washed and hung one load of laundry. Had online chat with friends in MD. Turned bar soap into soap flakes (yuck, next time I put the bars out for drying a bit before I grind them) and mixed up a batch of laundry detergent. Checked some video tapes I bought on (The Count of Monte Christo in French with my favorite actor - Gerard Depardieu), all tapes are okay. I had less problems with used tapes that I had with brand new ones. While checking through tapes (there are 4 of them, it was a mini series) I had morning tea (chai, that I got from my tea cozy swap partner Karen, very good, but a tad too spicy for my taste, and one of my lemon-coconut cupcakes). In between I made sure that my cat did not eat my tomato seedlings. :)

11 am - bedtime
Played with some upholstery fabrics from my stash. I want to make new covers for the sofa cushions and need to decide which colors to use (blue and green are the favorites right now). Had a bowl of homemade yogurt with steamed apples and raisins for lunch, used the rest of the yogurt to make cream cheese, washed dishes. Folded and ironed this week's laundry. Took today's laundry in, just in time before it started to rain a little. After it stopped I took Miss K. out into the garden and she headed straight for one of our feline visitors. I grabbed her and hurried back inside, I don't want to get into a cat fight or her catching something from the other cats. I spent the rest of the afternoon knitting, Del picked up Chinese takeout for dinner and we brought the seedlings back in. Rinsed sprouts again and did my favorite chore of the week, turned off the alarm because Saturday is the only day we can actually sleep in. Now we are going to listen to a hockey game on the internet, by the time it is over it will be bedtime.


Cathy said...

Hello Maria

Thank you for sharing your day with us. Isn't it amazing how much we get done in a day?

Is that a lovely Brown Burmese cat you own?

Take care

Maria said...

Hi Cathy,
I own the black kitty cat with the white spot on the upper lip, all other cats are either strays or somebody else's outdoor cats who come to eat in our car port.


Jan said...

Oh, I loved your day. I often spend hours, "playing" with my stash and getting ideas.

Jenny said...

You have reminded me that i need to make some detergent again. I tend to do my meal planning like you.
By the way I love your knitted bath mits and I've been to visit your etsy store, very nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,
Thanks for sharing your day with us. I love reading about what other people do with their time.
Questions: how do you make your laundry soap? how do you turn your yogurt into cream cheese?

PS: I'll try and get your tote in the mail this week sometime.