Friday, March 14, 2008

Curtains I

I sewed almost all day yesterday. I am using the breakfast nook as pantry and needed something to keep the sun out now that it is at a different angle and shines right into my pantry shelf. I had a piece of fabric that already had a finished seam on the bottom, I think it once was some kind of window display in a home furnishing store. I remember buying it out of their bargain bin many moons ago. All I needed to do was sew two seams on the sides and a tunnel on the top. And now a flock of colorful birdies lives in my pantry.

I also made a curtain to cover the front of the pantry shelf and make the whole area look a little neater. This fabric is from Ikea also bought a long time ago.

And I finally made drapes for the dining room, but we have to install some hooks first to tie them back before I can hang them. Will post a picture of them later.

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Bree said...

I love the bird fabric! It looks great on the window too! Awesome!