Friday, February 01, 2008

Rainy Friday

It was raining buckets most of the day and it was rather cold and dreary. We had to get up one hour early because Del had to work in a different town today and it takes about one hour to get there. So "my day" started early too. I decided to try to do a photographic record of the things I did today. Here it goes:

Rainy view from my bedroom window.

Tea dyed a small quilt top made from leftover blocks from another quilt. (Not sure if I am happy with the result, it looks more dark pink than aged.)

Re-stocked my reading basket.

Started a gardening journal.

Changed the calendar quilt from January to February.

Put out the table topper for February (until after Valentine's Day).

Added a touch of pink to the decoration on the mantel.

Finally figured out how to hang the fireplace quilt, stitched on the little plastic rings and hung it.

Ironed what needed ironing in this week's laundry, folded yesterday's laundry.

Made the starter for a new bread I want to try tomorrow.

Started a new ginger beer plant.

Had the last of the potato goulash and some homemade bread for lunch.

Updated my blog, read my emails and my favorite blogs, played a few games.

Washed dishes.

Finished shopping list for tomorrow.

Sliced a cucumber for dinner (fried veggie rice with cucumber salad).

Heated some milk for making yogurt.

Prepared mung beans for sprouting.

Well, my day was not bad at all, I got a lot of stuff done and it makes me feel good. In the meantime it stopped raining and the sun came out. The weekend is supposed to get warmer and sunny. We plan to check prices for topsoil and mulch at a nursery and buy a lawn mower and maybe the wood for the raised beds and I will be looking for seeds. We will also get our weekly grocery shopping done, go to church and watch the game on Sunday. Oh, and I need to bake bread tomorrow - again. :)
In about one hour Del will come home and that will end "my day" and start "our weekend".

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Laura of Harvest Lane said...

What an inspiring entry! Isn't amazing what we can do when we're motivated? I was so encouraged by all you accomplished. Perhaps if I write it all down for awhile, I can increase my productivity.

So, good for you! You can be proud of all you finished.

God bless!
Laura of Harvest Lane