Monday, February 11, 2008


Monday is usually my day for "messin' in the kitchen". Today I prepared radish and alfalfa seeds for sprouting, baked two loaves of bread, made a batch of granola (this time with pecans, raisins and flax seed), made ginger beer from a plant I started last weekend and baked cookies (lemon scented sugar cookies) for Valentine's day.

While the bread was rising and the cookie dough was chilling I watched a French movie (Tous les matins du monde - All the Mornings of the World), had my morning tea (green tea with mango) with dried fruits, nuts and a banana

and worked on a comfort shawl for a friend who is going through a rough time at the moment. I started the shawl on Saturday and hope to finish it tonight.

I ended my day with washing dishes, wiping down the counter and the window sills in the kitchen and fixing a pasta and tuna casserole with homemade garlic bread for dinner.

After dinner I am going to watch CSI and finish the shawl.

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