Thursday, December 20, 2007

This and That

I made two crochet shawls last week, both were "orders" and I actually got paid for making them. :) One will go to a friend's sister as a birthday present, the other one to a friend's cousin who is battling cancer. I hope they will both enjoy them. I had some yarn left from the dark one and made a hat to go with it. As much fun as it was making them, my hands think I should take a break.

Here is the apron I got from Paula in Rhonda's Apron Swap. Isn't it cute? I love the little dishcloth, it is attached with a big button.

I finally got some pictures taken of my penguin collection and the cats and bears are on the shelf too. I no longer collect these bears but I still collect penguins and cats.

And Miss Kitty has a new hobby which has quickly become a new chore for me - going walkies. Every morning as soon as it gets light she bugs me to take her outside, no matter how cold it is. She is 13 years old and has always been an indoor cat so the only way she gets to go out is on a leash. She is not afraid of anything and I am amazed at how quickly she adapted to walking on the leash. Here are a few pictures from our last outing.

This week I am baking Christmas cookies and I also made this Cranberry-Orange-Loaf which I found on Dawn's By Sun and Candlelight . It is very good and quick and easy to make, my favorite kind of recipe.

I leave you now with a glimpse of our blue December sky and the best wishes for a happy holiday weekend.

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Rhonda Jean said...

Hello Maria. I LOVE the shawls you made. The apron Paula sent is very pretty. Cute cat too.

I hope you and your family ahve a lovely Christmas.