Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I am happy to report that my first ever sourdough bread turned out very well. I followed the instructions on this site and the result is very tasty.

I am beginning to ask myself why I have all these cookbooks when I mostly turn to the internet for recipes and inspiration these days. ;) Anyway, if I would have known that baking bread is really that easy I would have done it much sooner. My newly replenished sourdough starter is happily bubbling away, waiting to be turned into more yummy bread next week - I am going to try whole wheat flour this time.
I made a milk jug cover out of a doily by sewing some beads to the edge. It is much prettier than the cheesecloth I usually put over whatever I have fermenting at the moment.

Today I will start my gingerbeer plant and - hopefully - taste my new ginger ale, I changed the recipe a bit and I am curious to see how that turned out.
My roses are still blooming and every so often I cut one and put it in a vase on the mantle, they smell heavenly.


Zegi said...

It would be so cool to make your own gingerale! The link you gave in the previous post didn't work though :( Would you mind reposting it? I would love to try it!

Maria in NC said...

I corrected the link to the ginger ale site. Thanks for pointing out that it did not work. :)