Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Taking it Easy

When I got up this morning it was freezing cold and dark. I had not slept well and felt stiff and tired so I decided to take it easy today and just sit on the sofa, watch old movies and knit. Once the sun came up I decided to wash and hang a load of laundry. Then I washed dishes and while doing so I noticed two bananas in the fruit bowl that were getting very ripe. So I decided to bake some banana muffins.

While I was at it I thought well, might as well bake some bread.

In between I re-arranged some stuff in the den and the dining room, folded laundry and re-organized a drawer in my dresser.
It is now almost 3 pm and I have not yet sat on the sofa and knit, but I feel a lot better. :)
Tomorrow I will make luminaries to place along the path to our front door for eventual trick-or-treaters. Since we are new to the neighborhood we have no idea if and how many there will be, but we are prepared. :)
I will also try to make ginger beer and cream cheese. I really hope I won't poison someone someday with my kitchen experiments but there are a lot of things I want to try.

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