Thursday, October 18, 2007

Survived the Move!

Well, that is more than can be said about a few of our belongings. Unfortunately the biggest piece that did not survive was the glass top of our dining table. What should have been tempered glass burst into a million pieces when it slipped out of my husband's hands. Oh well, we decided to look for a used wooden table that would match the windsor chairs that were left for us by the previous owners. It will fit much better into the house than our dinette set would have.
I am - for the most part - finished with unpacking and I am now working on getting organized and keeping up with the daily chores.
I have been knitting a lot lately and I am currently working on Christmas and birthday presents. :-) I can't wait to get my sewing machine set up and start making curtains and other stuff for the house.
Miss Kitty is happy in her new house and has even allowed me to put her on a leash and take her into the garden.
Our biggest problem at the moment is that neither one of us is brave enough to go up the rather shaky ladder into the attic (which looks really nice from what I can see from down here). We have to find a solution for that problem soon, I want my dining room to be used as a dining room and not as storage for moving boxes (containing Christmas stuff and Del's train stuff).
Other than that we are doing well, recovering from colds and a bad fall Del took the day before the move, luckily he did not brake any bones, just had a big nasty scrape on his elbow.
BTW, does anyone have a use for lots and lots of slightly used moving boxes? ;)

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