Sunday, October 28, 2007

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty gave us quite a scare Friday before last. In the morning she acted weird, agitated and confused, and she was obviously in pain. So we called the vet, packed her up and took her there. They suspected a bladder infection and told me that I had to leave her there because they needed to get an urine sample. That was really hard for me. Del had to go to work, the vet closes at 4.30 pm and I wanted my cat back. What am I doing? I still have a problem with asking people for help, probably because the people I used to know were not very helpful. I remembered our pastor telling me to call his mom whenever I needed a ride and so I did just that. She came and picked me up and we got Miss Kitty back in time. A big THANK YOU to Ms. Penny. :) I would not ask anybody to give a ride to the post office or to the store, but this was a real emergency and I did not feel quite so bad about it. Besides, I am always a total mess when something is wrong with my cat.
Kitty did have a bladder infection - the very first time in 13 years! The vet also told us that fleas are a really bad problem at the moment and that I should treat her. He also gave her a rabies booster shot which is required by state law in NC. And, best of all, I now have to give her medicine 2 times a day. Did I mention that she is not my best friend at the moment? But I am getting really good at it, as soon as she has eaten, I sneak up on her and squirt the medicine into her mouth. :) Afterwards she gets a treat.
She loves to be out in the mudroom by the back door, but I don't like to leave her there by herself because I don't know which way she'll run if somebody comes and opens the screen door. As a compromise I now let her be in the enclosed porch on the side of the house from which she also can watch all kinds of birds and animals, and get plenty of sunshine - provided the sun is shining. :)

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