Wednesday, March 07, 2007

WIP Wednesday

This month I am mainly working on my DEAR JANE QUILT, making at least one block a day to make some progress with it. It is definitely my biggest WIP. The blocks are only 4.5" small but with lots of pieces. :)
Here is a teaser for my 12 x 12 x 12 challenge piece for March and the material for another small something I plan to make for Easter.
I am also working on finishing a baby quilt to sell in my Etsy Shop.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Maria, I have just visited you for the first time this morning and read your recent posts. Isn't it wonderful to see the Spring begin to win through over the winter? My name is Gill and I live in Norway where I am married to a Norwegian farmer. (I am English.)We have three small children and are in that dirty muddy stage of early Spring when the snow is heavy and wet and beginning to run in rivers down the muddy lanes.
I admire your list of goals of the year...I share some of them too. I am puzzled by the acronym it Book of Month? What was/is your book for January? I love to get fresh inspiration for reading. I have just started The Lemon Jelly Cake by Madeline Babcock Smith. Iam sorry this is more of a letter than a comment, I just wanted to say hello after reading your blog. Mrs. Holter-Hovind.